Younghollywood Com Introduces Chris Browns Newest Prodigy Scooter Smiff

They met through his friend, dancer, Mile who was on tour with Chris Brown before the 49th Annual Grammy. Com get to know the many talents that scooter has to offer and how you learn and Chris Brown are like brothers. When it came time for the 49th annual Grammys, Chris needed another guy to dance, so he called me! Scooter Smiff said, after being asked how he met Chris Brown. Younghollywood. They introduce Chris Browns latest prodigy, Scooter Smiff, young, talented rapper and dancer.

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Patrick Swayze Admits Asking Quot Why Me Quot

Yeah, I m angry. Yeah, I m all these things. Since discovering he had cancer of the pancreas in 2008, was Patrick Swayze through a storm of emotions. Yeah, I m afraid. And I I saw only the beginning of it. . You can bet that m going through the hell. Yeah, I m [asking] why me. There sa lot of fear here, Swayze, 56, tells Barbara Walters in an interview to air Wednesday night. There sa lot of things this year.

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Adrian Grenier Takes The Quot B Quot Out Of Quot Bromance Quot

L whole band struck up chicks Bondi Beach and Adrian looked as if it were ever particularly close with a member of his take on the pussy posse. L whole band struck Bondi Beach and has done some textbooks frolicking in the surf and Adrian took the opportunity to try to show some of his physical abilities. Adrian Grenier has ditched the sausage fest to a bevy of beauties bathing waters during a trip to Australia. The Entourage star has the right idea. Maybe trying to establish itself after its dissolution during the summer by actress Isabel Lucas.

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Sandra Bullock Out Forest Whitaker In

According to Hollywood Reporter, a Nu Image / Millennium spokesman denied that the voices Stallone sDemolition Man co-star Sandra Bullock will join the project. D Furthermore, Whitaker is in negotiations to join the cast. Together with work on his hit CW show, Miss Meester is also preparing to try his hand in the music world with a CD of the next release. Clarify the scene in a candy apple red coat, the 22-year-old brunette beauty has a few hugs and plays with a pet as you Pooch ready for the day of recovery. Its cutting edge, such as electro-pop, rather than chewing gum, and you can dance to it, told us of his musical efforts magazine, which is set to display his release this spring. The music is very funny. However, Forest Whitaker will join the Union in May action-packed film. If the deal goes well, the CIA would play for connecting a group of mercenaries. Taking in Central Park in what was a cold winter morning, Leighton Meester is working on series Gossip Girl in New York City on Tuesday (January 6). Rumors that meets Sandra Bullock Sylvester Stallone The Expendables are just that, items.

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Patrick Swayze Breaks Silence

Patrick Swayze Hollywood actor spoke publicly for the first time his battle with cancer of the pancreas, the description living with the disease as go through hell . ABC identity Barbara Walter he first became concerned with his state of health of some New Year Eve 2007. I have tried to champagne, and would be paid as acid, you know, on an open wound, he said. Swayze, which has the aim of misleading hundreds of tabloid reports about his condition, said U.S.

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